Clear Reflections Restorations has been serving the car enthusiast since 1988. We have the capability of restoring your classic back to concours condition or building you a radical street rod.

Meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail and honesty has given us the opportunity to restore autos from the simple Ford Model T to the Exotic Birdcage Maserati.

All of the services listed on our website are performed in house – meaning we do not farm out these services to outside sources. Many shops list services that they do not perform, they instead hire outside sources to do the work. You can rest assure that your car will stay in our shop throughout the restoration process with utmost care.

At Clear Reflections Restorations we understand that the idea of owning a classic automobile is a desire felt by many individuals. While some are satisfied at experiencing the joy of owning a “driver”, others may desire the accolades handed to the winner of a “best in show” recipient. We realize that the distinction between these two ends of the spectrum is a matter of work quality and attention to detail.

For those customers interested in owning a classic vehicle and driving it on a daily basis, we build cars that are beautiful to look at and dependable to drive. We expect a vehicle at this level to be competitive in local contests and provide years of enjoyment to its owner.

Clear Reflections Restorations strives to meet the needs and desires of the show car enthusiast. We know the details demanded by this type of vehicle require much time and patience. Understanding the expense involved in this type of restoration process is an important consideration for any classic car lover. Our customers can be assured that their money is well spent. We handle all our vehicles restoration projects in a manner that is both professional and honest.

Clear Reflections Restorations carefully details all work performed on a daily basis. Photographs of the work in progress are included in the billing process. We strive to keep the customer informed of the process that their vehicle is making. The documentation becomes an informative and enjoyable keepsake as well as allowing the customer to understand what they are getting for their investment.

Clear Reflections Restorations has the experience necessary to plan a full restoration process and the craftsmen needed to undertake that plan. Our years of experience have given us the ability to be creative when problems are encountered to avoid timely delays and help reduce costs. We handle each restoration process in an organized and efficient manner.

We encourage you to visit our facility and see the work we currently have in progress. We can provide you a list of past customers to tell you about their restoration project experience with Clear Reflections Restorations.