Paul and Ellen Witalis – 1968 Mustang Coupe

Our experience with Clear Reflections Restorations in the restoration and customizing of our 1968 Mustang coupe resulted in a prize winning show car with the additional benefit of our establishing a strong friendship with Jeff Meade, the owner of C.R.R. and architect of the project.  During the two years of the project we worked closely with Jeff and his staff on a regular basis consulting and monitoring the build process.  The work was done with extreme care. The quality of metal work and painting is extraordinary. The end result of the project was a car that achieved many awards for it’s fine paint and finish work.

Don Terrill – 1955 Ford Panel Delivery

Jeff Meade and all the crew at Clear Reflections Restorations are exactly what you are looking for when thinking about making your dream car come to life. I’ve used other “restorers” in the area, none have succeeded. Clear reflections is making my truck look exactly like it looked the day it came off the showroom floor.  They have worked with me on the completion timeline and given me the quality I was in search of, half way through the project I am more than happy with the results. I encourage anyone who wants work done on their project vehicle to talk to Jeff and the guys at Clear Reflections Restorations!

Russ Coward – 56 Ford Pick Up Truck

Clear Reflections Restorations did a wonderful job repairing my 1956 Ford truck after I wrecked the front end. The bodywork was incredible. They were able to repair the original body without using new parts or filler and they were able to match the paint color that could have been a challenge since the color was not a standard color match. Jeff was easy to work with. He was professional at all times. I would recommend using them and would definitely use this company again for any repairs on any vehicle.

72 Camaro – Vince Luppino

I purchased a 1972 Camaro a while ago that needed heating and air conditioning because it was modified to operate without them. I also had electrical issues with the stock fuse box which had wires stuffed into it to provide power to several upgrades the car was not originally designed for. The car needed to be rewired and a heating and air conditioning system installed. After doing some research, meeting Jeff in person and seeing his shop and work that was done on other cars he had on site, I decided to give Clear Reflections Restorations, Inc., my business and am glad I did. Jeff and his crew did a top-notch job professionally installing a new wiring harness and vintage air system in my car. Their attention to detail revealed a few problems that I did not know existed and they made the corrections after giving me options regarding what I wanted to do about them. Since the wiring and air conditioning, I have had a serpentine system placed on my motor to eliminate the need for 3 belts and the stock automatic shifter modified. With a stock automatic shifter there is nothing preventing the transmission from accidentally being placed into neutral when shifting to drive from 2nd gear and pushing 400hp I don’t want that to happen. Now it will not happen. I am in the midst of getting the rear suspension upgrade to a four-link system to replace the stock leaf springs and emergency brakes since the car did not have emergency brakes wired in when I bought it. Jeff and his crew did a super job with the things they have already done to the car. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, honest and dedicated to his customer’s satisfaction. Besides the superior job that they do, Jeff makes his clients feel like a friend instead of just a customer. He treats my car as if it was his own and that is something you just cannot find anywhere. He really cares about what is important to me and doesn’t mind sharing his expertise when I have a question or idea to improve the performance and safety of my car. Any work I need to have done on my Camaro or another project will be done at Clear Reflections Restorations, Inc.

67 Oldsmobile – Russell N Barringer, Jr

My experience with Jeff and his company was very pleasant indeed.

I own a 1967, Oldsmobile 98 convertible and he did a marvelous job in restoring it to an almost brand new condition. The car was originally purchased by my wife in 1967.

If I ever have another auto that needs restoration, I would not hesitate in having him do the work.

34 Ford – Ronie Stoughton

Just a note to let you know I was a satisfied customer at Clear Reflections Restorations Inc. The work on my 34 Ford coupe was done in a professional manner.

64 GTO – Steve O’Brien

Clear Reflections has been great to work with during the restoration of my 1964 GTO. The car needed some extensive interior and engine work and Jeff was meticulous in making the car perfect. He kept me informed during the entire process and the end result exceeded my expectations.

57 T-Bird – Mary Elizabeth

Clear Reflections is the best. They specialize in an awesome customer experience, professional service, reasonable pricing, and quality workmanship. They get to know their customers personally and tailor their approach accordingly. They love my car as much as I do and take the best of care when dealing with it!! It’s a well run and professional organization and I enjoy doing business with them!!

66 Chryler 300 – Jason Pinkey

I have had a very good experience with Clear Reflections Restorations. Jeff and his team have been very accommodating and are committed to performing high quality work. I particularly like that they perform metal finishing versus non-metal body filler; this is a true sign of taking pride in a top-notch job. Keeping detailed work journals show a desire to be transparent in the process and are a great way for you to see where the time and effort is going. Jeff and his team are my go-to place for any future restoration needs.

33 Dodge – Walt Patterson

I’ve been associated with Jeff Meade at Clear Reflections for nearly two years. I’ve observed the quality of his restoration services on antique, classic and custom vehicles to be outstanding in all respects. His restoration and fitting of damaged and/or corroded sheet metal such as fenders, body panels, hoods etc. resulted in a “better than new” condition. Jeff’s finished paintwork is quite amazing, flawless in all respects. His quality work and attention to detail rival that of the very best restoration shops. Jeff is mild mannered and very easy to work with on a project. I highly recommend Clear Reflections for any vehicle restoration, be it custom or back to original.