The word RESTORATION has been used in the auto arena very recklessly. Some people consider a quick sanding, some shiny new paint, re-chrome the bumpers and throw in a new interior and your car is restored. This is so far from a true full restoration.

A true ground up or frame up restoration is a painstaking process. It takes thousands of man hours to totally restore an auto back to show room condition. The restorer has to be well versed and experienced in every aspect of the restoration process. The restorer also has to have a deep passion and pride in their work to accomplish a high quality restoration. No little detail is left unattended. In many aspects the restored auto is far better than the day it rolled off the assembly line some decades ago.

A full restoration consists of disassembling the entire vehicle. All parts and pieces are inspected, bagged, tagged and stored. Every single component gets rebuilt, refurbished or replaced. The body and related panels get stripped to bare metal on the inside and out. The body and panels go through the process of replacing rusted out and damage areas. Repair sections or even complete panels are hand formed if necessary. All weld areas are metal finished. The body goes through numerous priming and meticulous block sanding before painting.

The body and related panels are painted individually. The paint gets block sanded and buffed to a mirror finish. From this point the vehicle gets assembled, wired, components checked for proper operation and test driven.

That is a brief description of the steps we go through. As we work on your car we compose a day by day journal which shows the steps and amount of time it takes.

I hope this give you a better understanding of the restoration process. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 843-828-4411.