Original to Custom Panel Shaping and Design – Individual panels to complete bodies

• Steel and Aluminum • Tig and Gas Weld • Hammer Weld and Metal Finish

Classics • Rods • Race Cars • Bikes

• Handcrafted Polished • Breathers • Oil Tanks • Gas Tanks • Chop Tops

A very large part of the restoration process is in the body. This is where experience and true craftsmanship will make the difference between a show car and a so-called driver. There is a lot of difference between a panel that just looks good and a panel that fits and looks good. We offer original to custom panel shaping and design.

We can make individual panels to complete bodies, in steel or aluminum. Tig and gas weld. Hammer weld and metal finish. If you have a classic, street rod, race car or motorcycle, we can hand craft that rusted out panel, chop your top or custom design and hand form a gas tank, oil tank or breather.

Metal finishing – The panels that we make we metal finish, meaning there is no need for body fillers. All weld seams where our panels are butt welded to existing panels are metal finished. This process is a high degree of craftsmanship and is sad to say a lost art. We love a challenge and take a lot of pride in our work. Contact us for more information.



1935 Ford Coupe

Metal Shaping

Metal Shaping